Maybe you could drop the cellz and chipz and the spring reverb + get a other smaller mixer like (befaco stereomixer.)

The east beast and west best, would be probaply be better to dont mount in the rack to save space.
Maybe start to choose one first.

Utillity is more important, you can add additional voices later.

Maybe consider a bigger rack, like tip top mantis. I also started with nifty case. Now its just my additional desk rack for fx.

Maybe a good bread and butter lfo, like batumi, maths
delta v 2, wobbler 2

check out Bastl Instruments. The have useful stuff.

I love "Bastl softpop 2".
It is more expensive, like 600 euro, but its a bit like something between east beast and west pest.
It has so much to start with.
Sequencer, filter, waveshaper, external in for processing, crossfader, mult, sample and hold, you can switch between analog or digital vco.
and its very small, like a volca.

Add a few utilities and fx and you are ready to go.