to complete my skiff a good addition would be a Random and S&H module.

I am considering these 2 options:
Doepfer A-118-2
Erica Synth Pico RND

What would you suggest (other options max 4HPs are welcome too), and what are your experiences with these modules?

Other modulation sources I have in the skiff are:
Doepfer A-145-4 Quad LFO
Centrevillage Saw (MS20 style Saw+Square LFO/VCO)
DivKid ochd
Schlappi Engineering Boundary


This is my skiff at the moment (Make noise 104hp skiff, which actually has place up to 106HP (!), second row are 5 modules I have aside, and switch times to times to have some variety):
ModularGrid Rack