I've literally just bought a Beatstep Pro for this after realising i want more control than the Robaux LL8, just gotta learn the Beatstep Pro now! Its way, way cheaper to buy an external sequencer and the triggers give a good Thwack on drum modules, the LL8 does not and your kicks may sound a bit whimpy unless you boost the triggers through a VCA.

Ah ok, thanks for that... I have a Beatstep Pro that I currently use for drums and it is great but was going to switch to have something in the rack & close to the drum modules and I was thinking the grid format easier to programme on the fly...but... if that's the case I may re-consider...

I'm still a bit new to this...are the Beatstep triggers, longer, higher V or something that makes the difference?
Is it mostly noticeable for the Kick.... Last thing I want is to end up with a whimpy kick!