Two questions:
- Do you remember how you proceeded with those little percussions with some delay (and triggered by Pam, I guess...). The ones that appear around 5:10. They form beautiful clouds of galaxies :)
- How is your black cat? (I have a cousin of his here, on the other side of the channel, in the Somme).

Thanks in advance for your answers, and congratulations for your publications !

-- Sweelinck

Making me think now!! Befaco Burst is randomly triggering either a 2HP Turing machine or a Arp which is also playing the 2HP Bell, aka the twinkly sh!t
The She Cat/s are good thanks.

Cheers for listening :)

Enjoy your spare HP, don't rush to fill every last space, this is not like filling sticker books. Resist the urge to 'complete' your rack, its never complete so just relax.