I'm almost done with a starter rack, but fell in the starter trap of case too smol.

After exploring a bunch of different brands and playing with my current setup, I think I've settled on a case size and system that feels really good to me, but I'd love your thoughts to see if I'm missing anything.

I want the system to so primarily four things (in order of importance):
1. Be a performable, generative electronic kusic system with decent versatility.
2. An effects processor for external audio.
3. A midi instrument to be played with keyboard (I have an arturia keystep).
4. Bleepblooper earcandy maker for my more pop-leaning music.

I feel like I got all my bases covered, but may be short on VCAs. I could get rid of the Happy Nerding Attenuators and replace with more VCAs, but not sure if I'd need the attenuation as utility. Please let me know what you think! Criticism + feedback on every element is welcome. Thanks for taking the time to look over :)

updated rack: ModularGrid Rack