This is all very good input, it ultimately is my goal to move into a bigger case sooner rather than later.

I already own Forbidden Planet so it'll inevitably be incorperated but I'm always open to more filters. I've been playing around with getting them to self oscillate with resonance in a pinch when I want a basic voice, love all the stuff filters can do. I had another comment about FxAid on here, that would work nicely with disting and give me good FX options so that's a definite bookmark. I'm all for Veils, that seems like a good replacement for the bulky quad VCA, as someone above mentioned that it's a little overkill for a system this small.

Pico Drums sounds like a good call for a slightly larger system, and I can swap out the 2hp modules in the meatime. Having a dedicated trig and clock source sounds good, as it opens up Varigate and uOC for melodic sequencing.

My reason for running with the idea of Knit is that I've used Braids in the past and really liked it. I am however opening to aquiring more sound sources. I think Maths is on the whishlist but Quadrax being able to do so many things is pretty cool. I might spring for that solely because of it's smaller footprint.

All in all these are all super useful suggestions and now I have some really good modules on my radar. Man, now I just want ALL the things!