Thank you for the suggestions.

At this time I'm restricting myself to the 104hp (for space and budget reasons) but maybe in the future will expand to a 2nd row of 104hp.

@Lugia Sounds like utilities/modulations sources are the way to go with the limited space I have. When I first saw you recommended After Later DVCA I was a bit surprised as I already have the Quad VCA. But just last night I noticed I was using all 4 VCAs and now see how the additional 2 on the DVCA would be useful.

re: the 4ms Listen I/O, this looks useful but I probably will not use the input as the only thing I really use my rack with is the sq-1 or a Neutron. But I like the output as I use headphones so I'm considering the PICO output as it is only 3hp and has the output which I could use if I ever decide to record anything. Right now I'm just using a cheap headphone attenuator plugged into my VCA with my headphones.

2 other utilities I am considering along with what you have suggested are the Intellijel Triplatt and the Happy Nerding 3x MIA (although I can't find that one on sale anywhere).

Oh and I forgot to mention I do have a Korg nts-1 so I think I can use that for reverb/delay etc...

@33PO Marbles looks interesting and I'd consider adding that but at 18hp for the one module I think I'll need to wait until I have another row of rack space to add that one. I've looked at Pamela's New Workout and see that people highly recommend it, but I am trying to avoid menu driving which is why I'm not really looking at the disting mk4 either.

thanks again everyone!