Maths, definitely...but in this starter build here, I think you'll have plenty to keep you busy on the starter version here. Plus, you've got 69 hp to build this on out later..and I dropped modules in here that are already set for future expansion.
ModularGrid Rack
Very basic, this...but as noted, it's ready to fill on out as time/budget allows. That's why there's the quad VCA, the 4-in stereo mixer (and its FX send/returns), and the two quad modules from Xaoc with their expanders. The Happy Nerding Isolator 2022 is optional, if you feel OK about sending synth-level to your mixer/interface/etc.

The only caveat I have here is whether or not the ES-8 will fit. It's got a depth of 50mm, and these days most portable cabs top out at 45 or so. It DOES have an 80 hp factory P/S, though, so it might be just fine.

[NB: The Isolator should be to the right of the TexMix master; MG "decided" it belonged where it wound up. Silly website...]