Thanks for the fast replies!

Yeah I wasn't really sure if the quantizer is really needed or not. Also, would it make sense to get marbles and the ornament & crime? They could both be used to generate random sequenzes in kind of a similar matter from what I understood.

I am also not sure about pams. Would I really need a master clock or are there other functions it has that make it so attractive?
-- CharlyD

Pams can also quantize external 2 channels as well as as many internal random melodies as you'd want

'overlap' or 'redundancy' is not a bad thing in modular - especially with multifunction modules - which these are to a greater or lesser extent... you can only get O&C to do 1 or 2 things at once (with hemispheres)

don't know if O&C can be used as a clock as I don't have one and have only skimmed the manual for hemispheres - but it has a lot more functionality that you might want on top of what both Pams and Marbles can do...

Marbles can work as a master clock - just mult the t2 output... and use your ears for setting the clock speed - and it can also act as a clock divider...

Pams can do a lot of things, but it's very easy to run out of channels very quickly - especially if you are using it primarily as a clock divider and then modulation and generative melodies (but that can be said for all of these)

probably all 3 are overkill in this size case - think about what you want them for and remove 1 or 2 - for me it would be O&C - but that's probably because I have Marbles and Pams - but in a much bigger case (think 8ish * the size)

I'd get one first and then once you know your way round that consider one of the others too - you my find that in a small case, with only 2-3 voices and no percussion, such as this, that one is enough

if you primarily want a clock and generative melodies, gates that match notes and a random source - then Marbles first, if you primarily want a clock and synced trigger, gates and modulation - then Pams first, if you want lots of different things to play with 1 or 2 at a time - then O&C first, etc etc

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