3 HP
26 mm deep
Current Draw
10 mA +12V
10 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$50 Price in €

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Multifunctional CV Utilite

CATPAW is a multifunctional module with the following features:
* manual trig or gate
* CV source
* audio mute
* attenuator
* signal inverter

There are two identical independent sections. Each contains an input socket, an output socket, a potentiometer and a push button (marked with the cat paw sign).

Each of the two CATPAW sections can operate in two modes (change with jumper switches on the back side):
1) CV mode
2) AT mode

In this mode, all signals connected to the input socket are routed to output through the device circuitry with no change to the signal (bypass) unless the push button is pressed. After pressing the push button the input voltage is replaced by potentiometer defined voltage and polarity.
This voltage can be of three different ranges depending on the position of the range jumper: From -5 to +5v, from 0 to +5v, and from 0 to +10v. This can be used as a momentary CV modulation source, a manual trig/gate, or an audio mute (if the audio signal is connected to the input socket in the latter case).

Here AT can mean "ATtenuator" but there's more to it!
This mode features three gain factor ranges (set with a jumper) – from -1 to +1, from 0 to +1, and from 0 to +2. Unlike the CV mode, there is no bypass – the input signal is immediately transformed according to the gain factor range and the potentiometer value. When the push button is pressed, the output signal momentarily turns into zero. This can be used as an attenuator or an inverter and the mute function is here, depending on the input signal type (CV or audio).

Silver and black panel are avaliable


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