1 PU
30 mm deep
$1,000 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

The 2021 version of Ornament & Crime in 4UBU

The 2021 version of Ornament & Crime in 4U

Blue LEDs precisely indicate the level present on the outputs after the attenuation
A new software allows for manual and automatic screen blanking to reduce possible OLED noise
We also moved the trigger Inputs closed together so they fit shorting bars
Like that one can share input triggers and run an envelope and quantizer at the same time f.eks.
The interface sports a simplified layout following the ornament is crime philosophy : “Less is more”
One still can adjust the incoming and outgoing voltages with attenuators
The module is wired against negative voltages to protect certain vintage electronics


submitted Nov 16th 2021, 08:41 by N_L_M
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