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Model 225e


The 225e MIDI Decoder translates incoming MIDI messages into analog voltages and pulses. These signals appear on three kinds of "busses" for subsequent distribution to 200e series modules.

Internal busses route signals internally to 200e series modules that respond directly to MIDI messages. There are four internal busses; each conveys messages appropriate to the destination module. Pulses are routed to a 281e, velocities to a 292e, and pitches are directed to up to four 259e's or 261e's.

Note message busses handle only note messages, decoding them into front panel voltages that represent pitches, velocities and pulses with sustain information. There are four note message busses.

Controller busses process only controller messages (two controllers for each of six busses), translating them into standard (10 volt range) control voltages.

Controller output bus P(b) is actually not a controller, but is a dedicated MIDI Clock output.

Any number of busses can be assigned to a single MIDI channel. Note messages so assigned can be directed to respond polyphonically.

The 225e can be added to any 200 system, extending the performance resources to encompass a variety of MIDI controllers (including, of course, Thunder, Lightning, Marimba Lumina, and the Moog Piano Bar).

Attached to, but independent of the MIDI Decoder, is a facility dedicated to implementing and managing presets. Functioning only with 200e series modules, this Preset Manager can store and retrieve the settings of nearly all system variables.

The 225e has the capability of displaying the current firmware version for any e series module in a system. It contains an updated computer, allowing for faster downloads and larger programs. (Earlier 225e's can be upgraded at the factory.) Compare your firmware to the latest version, presented in the Firmware section, and use our 200e-USB and your MAC (running OP 10.5 or above) to directly download the latest firmware.

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