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Buchla 100 system at NYU (copied from pgarbaczonek)Buchla
EHMN (Quadraphonic Performance Rack)EurorackPrivate
Organon Output (All purpose)EurorackPrivate
Organon Output (Live)EurorackPrivate
Live Output (Spec - XL)EurorackPrivate
Microorganon (EMS Demo)EurorackPrivate
Microorganon (Slow Grains)EurorackPrivate
Organon (Spec - One Case A)EurorackPrivate
Organon (Spec - One Case B)EurorackPrivate
NYU MTech Buchla 100 (Studio B)BuchlaPrivate
My Collection (Thiccase)EurorackPrivate
Complex Single VoiceEurorack
--Sarah Belle Reid (small skiff)Eurorack
EHMN (avant-garde / noise rack)EurorackPrivate
Organon Output (Studio)EurorackPrivate
Organon (Spec)EurorackPrivate
Mini In-Air SynthEurorackPrivate
Organon (In Air Synthesis to be interfaced w/ Max)EurorackPrivate
Organon Omega (126 HP x 14U)Eurorack
NYU MTech Buchla 200e (610)BuchlaPrivate
BUY / SELLEurorackPrivate
Organon+ (104 HP x 14U)Eurorack
--Blawan 2021Eurorack
--Splinter (UA)Eurorack
Live SetupPedalsPrivate
--Blawan old caseEurorack
--Surgeon at SchneidersLaden 2016Eurorack
Organon Quad (Current)**Eurorack

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Krach (5), TABOR (5), Fold 6 (5), MANGROVE (5), Cydonia VCF (5), THREE SISTERS (5), Krait (5), Kamieniec (5), ES-9 (5), Quadrax (5), 3x MIA - black (5), Steve's MS-22 (5), Generate 3 (5), DUAL VCA 1U (4), LE DÉCHU (4), A*B+C (4), Orbit 3 (4), 1U Dual LIN/EXP VCA (3), FOUR LFO (1), FOUR PLAY (1) and Abacus (1)
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