8 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
40 mA +12V
43 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$229 Price in €

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Through-Zero Mid-Side Processor

MidSide+ is a development of Worng Electronics' very popular LRMSMSLR module.

MidSide+ adds a voltage controlled through-zero width control to the MS->LR decoder section, allowing you to control the width of your mid-side processing from super-wide stereo, through mono and then into negative stereo. MidSide+ is designed with ergonomics in mind, with user friendly controls that have plenty of clearance for tweaking and LED feedback of modulation.

The MidSide+ MS to LR section contains a combined VCA and 4 Quadrant Multiplier on the Mid and Side signals respectively, and a switchable 250Hz high pass filter on the Side signal. These specially designed circuits allow you to control the width of your signal from Super-wide Stereo, through to regular Stereo, to Mono, and then through zero to Reverse Stereo, finally to Reversed Super-wide stereo.

Super-wide Stereo signals are those where the Left and Right channels are phase inverted versions of one another. When played back on headphones or speakers in a good acoustic space a super-wide stereo signal gives a sense of impossible width without a definite sense of positioning in the stereo field. Because MidSide+ allows smooth control of a stereo image from Reversed Super-wide Stereo through Mono and all the way to Super-wide stereo you can dial in and process the exact amount of width and positioning you like for your stereo signal.

Instead of being limited to only operating in the region from Mono to Super-wide Stereo, the through-zero capabilities of the MidSide+ allow you to reverse the stereo image so the Left channel is on the Right and vice versa. This allows you to create signals that are mirrored through the stereo axis.

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