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E9 WMD - Erica 84hpEurorack
E8 2600 - Erica 84hpEurorack
E7 Filters - Erica 84hpEurorack
E6 Sputnik - Erica 84hpEurorack
Test 127Eurorack
E1RD Element ringsEurorack
E5 Multi-voice 84hpEurorack
E1RA Sequencer - Erica 104Eurorack
E1RC - Moog 104Eurorack
I3 Onerow - Intellijel case 104hpEurorack
P8 FX 30Eurorack
E4 SSF 84hpEurorack
P7 - Shift Pod 60Eurorack
E3 Verbos 84hpEurorack
I2 GStorm Electro - Intellijel case 104hpEurorack
P2 - Performance - Pod 20Eurorack
P5 Zoia - Pod 60Eurorack
E1 Noise - Erica case 84hpEurorack
H1 Erica - Homebuilt 90hp caseEurorack
B1 Wasp/Cat - Behringer GoEurorack
M1 Noise Engineering - Mantis 104Eurorack
E2 SE - Erica case 84hpEurorack
E1RB FSS - Erica 84Eurorack
I1 Drone Intellijel 62Eurorack
W1 Waldorf KB37Eurorack
P3 Morphagene - Pod 64 deepEurorack
z PedalboardPedals
B2 Pittsburgh - Behringer Go 2 140hpEurorack
P4 Mix - Pod 32Eurorack
z On the benchEurorackPrivate
A4 RightEurorack
B3 NLC - Behringer 140hpEurorack
A1 MoogEurorack
A2 LeftEurorack
A3 MiddleEurorack
z Wish listEurorack

My Offers on the Marketplace

jschussler currently does not offer any modules on the marketplace

Submitted Modules

3340 VCOEurorack
Sealegs - Audio Parasites black panelEurorack
E440 Discrete OTA VCFEurorack
MSK 013 Middle Path VCO - JKLMNT Black panelEurorack
Klang StadtEurorack
Pachinko - Magpie white panelEurorack
Neuron / Difference Rectifier — Magpie white panelEurorack
Gilbert Ring ModulatorEurorack
Mod Medusa - Mork black panelEurorack
A Plague of Demons - Magpie white panelEurorack
Rings (Magpie white panel)Eurorack
Serge Resonant Equalizer (16hp black panel)Eurorack
Mutable Instruments Elements - Magpie black panelEurorack
Beads - Magpie black panelEurorack
E950/951 Expanded Circuit Bent VCO combination panelEurorack
Pit Viper Mk2Pedals
Sequential Switch Matrix SSM Expander - Black panelEurorack
Intellijel Metropolix - Audio Parasites black panelEurorack
Resonant EQEurorack
Tri Parallel MixerPedals
Ripples v2 - Magpie white panelEurorack
Saturn VIPedals
Wasp Filter - Forest Caver 4hp versionEurorack
Resonate - Magpie white panelEurorack
Timbre & Timbre - Magpie White panelEurorack
Knit - Magpie black panelEurorack
Skorn da Bask - Black panelEurorack
Gemini IVPedals
8 Bit Cipher - Magpie white panelEurorack
Dispersion Delay - Magpie white panelEurorack
Dual LPG - Magpie white panelEurorack
Giant B0n0 - Magpie white panelEurorack
Tracky Dacks - Magpie white panelEurorack
Metropolis - Magpie black panelEurorack
Bindubba Sequencer (black panel)Eurorack
Benjolin - Magpie white panelEurorack
Hyperchaos Deluxe - Magpie white panelEurorack
Bindubba - Magpie white panelEurorack
Triple Sloth V2 - Magpie white panelEurorack
Thomas White Resonant Lopass GateEurorack
Moog Minitaur MIDI Expander - cut to 5hpEurorack
Tonestar 2600 - Bitmud black panelEurorack
Dual Borg - Magpie white panelEurorack
Distortion ProPedals
Nonlinear Circuits Sloth - Magpie black panelEurorack
Ornament & Crime uO_c (Magpie white panel)Eurorack
Ian Fritz's Hypster - Magpie white panelEurorack
Monsoon - Magpie black panelEurorack
Chronoblob - Magpie white panelEurorack
Delay No More - Magpie white panelEurorack
Sly Grogan - Magpie white panelEurorack
uBraids (Magpie white panel)Eurorack
Divine CMOS - Magpie white panelEurorack
Mutation (silver)Eurorack
Sloth Chaos (Magpie white panel)Eurorack
Ornament & Crime (Magpie black panel)Eurorack
Squid Axon - Magpie black panelEurorack
Warps - Magpie white panelEurorack
Clouds (Magpie white panel)Eurorack
Braids - Magpie white panelEurorack
Ripples - Magpie white panelEurorack

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