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Buchla 200tt 4UEurorackPrivate
Buchla 200tt UpperEurorackPrivate
Mod IIIEurorack
Buchla 200tt BaseEurorackPrivate
Elemental ChaosEurorackPrivate
Verbos EndorphinsEurorack
A-100 BlackEurorack
Modern EaselBuchla
Elby 4mmEurorack
Elby 4mm (copy) (copy)EurorackPrivate
La Synthèse Humaine RS Serge 4USergePrivate
Mod IIEurorack
2500 BehEurorack
BehMoogEurorackPrivate (copied from ameuuu)BuchlaPrivate
Instruo 168EurorackPrivate
Frap RackEurorackPrivate
Buchla 18U + 6U + 223e (copied from tamiX)BuchlaPrivate
Suzanne Ciani 200e Buchla TBuchlaPrivate
10k Pipe DreamBuchlaPrivate
The Blue Box (copied from noisejockey)EurorackPrivate
Sarah Belle Reid FFBEurorackPrivate
Hainbach 2021 KEurorackPrivate
Sarah Belle Reid Phoenix BuchlaBuchlaPrivate
Julia Bondar main live case )EurorackPrivate
The Tuesday Night Machines’ Best of CGS Serge Rack #TTNM )SergePrivate
Sara Belle Reid's performance skiffEurorackPrivate
ISMS (Monome/Mannequins)EurorackPrivate
Caterina Barbieri Superbooth 2019 w/ Usta (copy)EurorackPrivate
Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) Live Rig from 12/5/2015 (EurorackPrivate
Mod IEurorack
State Azure - Folding Space PatchEurorackPrivate
Baséput Skiff (copy 1)EurorackPrivate
Baseput's System (copy)EurorackPrivate
Radical Frequencies Eurorack Modular (copied from radicalfrequencies)EurorackPrivate
sarah belle reid (copied from Ekstase)EurorackPrivate
Seven Sea 104 Sarah Belle Reid (copied from Rauschmodul)EurorackPrivate
Verbos @SchneidersLadenEurorackPrivate
Past Present 11.19.20MU
West Coast MiniEurorackPrivate
Suzanne Ciani's BuchlaBuchlaPrivate
Ann Annie TSR19EurorackPrivate
Caterina Barbieri Boiler Room LiveEurorackPrivate

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CS023 Dual VCOEurorack

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