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NiftyCase (copy)Eurorack
Sound Design 173 Partial (copy) (copy) (copy)Eurorack
NiftyCase (copy)Eurorack
Sound Design 173 Partial (copy) (copy)Eurorack
Expander 48Eurorack
Expander 60 (copy)Eurorack
Sound Design 173 Partial (copy)Eurorack
Expander 120Eurorack
Sound Design 173 FinalEurorack
Sound Design 173 InitialEurorack
Sound Design 173 PartialEurorack
Composition 346Eurorack
Sound Design 173 (old)Eurorack
Acoustiphonic Phase 2Eurorack
Acoustiphonic Phase 1Eurorack
Imaginary FriendsEurorack
Acoustiphonic FinalEurorack
DFAM SequencerEurorack
Acoustiphonic MantisEurorack
0-Coast Expander 84 InitialEurorack
Acoustiphonic Phase 3Eurorack
Acoustiphonic CurrentEurorack
0-Coast Expander 84Eurorack
Complex Oscillator Palette (copy)Eurorack
DFAM Percussion 60hp (copy)Eurorack
DFAM Percussion 60hpEurorack
Complex Oscillator PaletteEurorack
DFAM + Bonus Rack 60hpEurorack
Acoustiphonic 173 Final (copy)Eurorack
Complex Oscillator MantisEurorack
Acoustiphonic 173 FinalEurorack
Deckard's Voice 7U (copy)Eurorack
Acoustiphonic FinalEurorack
Complex Oscillator 84Eurorack
Harsh Noise (copy)Eurorack
Harsh Noise 6U 60Eurorack
My scirrhous EurorackEurorack
Combined 346Eurorack
Hivemind 12UEurorack
DFAM Drum & Bass MachineEurorack
Lower MantisEurorack
Four Ton MantisEurorack
Cat's Eye Final (copy) (copy) (copy)Eurorack
Cloud Terrarium 84 (copy)Eurorack
Interstellar Radio 171 Phase 1Eurorack
Imaginary Friend 208 RevisedEurorack
Liquid Glitcher 171Eurorack
0-Coast Expander 84Eurorack
DPO 64Eurorack
Rackbrute DPOEurorack
Mini Mutable PaletteEurorack
Monster rack 171Eurorack
Mini MutableEurorack
0-Coast Expander 64Eurorack
SEVEN_60 XPOEurorack
Minisystem 84Eurorack
Minisystem 60Eurorack
Imaginary Friend 42Eurorack
XPO 4U 104Eurorack
Stack 60Eurorack
The ExpanseEurorack
Sidekick 64 NewEurorack
Imaginary Friend 60Eurorack
Ts-L 84Eurorack
Ts-L Palette 104Eurorack
System 60Eurorack
Ts-L rackEurorack
New ApparatusEurorack
Apparatus with ArbharEurorack
48hp A-100LCEurorack
Laboratory (Iteration 2)Eurorack
Sidekick (Iteration 2)Eurorack
Apparatus (Iteration 4)Eurorack
Laboratory (Iteration 1)Eurorack
Apparatus (Iteration 3)Eurorack
Apparatus (Iteration 2)Eurorack
Apparatus (Iteration 1)Eurorack

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