6 HP
35 mm deep
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$69 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Dual AND + Dual XOR boolean processor

BOOL-OPS is a module with four sections that perform BOOLean OPerationS. Each section has two inputs and one output. The input expect a rectangular signal - e.g. gate from a keyboard, logic signal, squarewave LFO - but will work with any sort of signals, CV and audio included. When the input is more than 3 volts, it's treated as logic 1, and is logic 0 otherwise. A logic 1 is normalised to the second input of every section. The output of the module is always a logic signal - either 0 or slightly less than 12v: intended for triggering drums, clocking sequencers, gating envelopes, but no one is stopping you to ping a filter with it, or put it directly to the line out.

Top two sections perform an AND operation of the two inputs. If both inputs are logic 1, the output will be logic 1, too. It will be logic 0 otherwise. A logic 1 is normalised into the second input of the AND gate, making it useful as a gate amplifier (3.3v or 5v to 12v), preset threshold comparator, triangle to pulse converter, and so on. When used with two signals, it has immense gate sequencing capabilities - the output only fires when both inputs are high, which makes it a VC gate switch, an 'only happens when both input events happened' event, and many more things that it can be. Another great idea is to put white noise or a fluctuating voltage to the first AND input through a VCA or an attenuator: since the second input is 1 by default, and all the inputs have comparators, tuning the amount of noise/flux into the input will change the density of random triggers at the output!

The two bottom sections perform a XOR operation of the two inputs. The output turns logic 1 if the two inputs are different: one is low and the other is high, or vice versa. If both inputs are 1 or both are 0, the output is 0. Since a logic 1 is always normalised to the second input, putting a gate to the first one will produce its inverted copy at the output, making this section useful as a gate and clock inverter. Now put another signal to the second input, and you'll get an inverted copy of the first input when the second one is high, and a normal copy if it's low! This has many applications - creating offbeats, making complex patterns on the fly out of simple gate or clock sources, and such. The XOR function is also exceptionally great-sounding with audio-rate waves and has a slight 'digital ring modulator' taste to it, so using it as an additional voice to 2 VCOs is also a great idea.

The ultimate logic processor with many functions, among which are AND and XOR logic operation, inversion, gate amplification, triangle/sawtooth to pulse conversion, wicked sound transformations and random gate extraction, BOOL-OPS is available in a 6HP anodized aluminum plate, and comes with a power ribbon cable and two M3 screws to install it to your Eurorack system.


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