10 HP
35 mm deep
Current Draw
0 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
125 mA 5V
$243 Price in €

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6-Channel CV-controlled True Bypass with Master control for hexaphonic or polyphonic audio and CV effects

The Hex Bypass module consists of 6 individual true bypass channels using high-quality miniature audio relays.

Each channel can be triggered (bypassed) via a lighted pushbutton switch on the front panel, as well as a CV (0-5V positive) pulse via front panel jacks or via the SynQuaNon CV Bus on the rear (front jacks are normalized to the rear connections). Just about any CV waveform can be used to modulate the channel bypass, creating a range of interesting possibilities with "effects rhythms". Exciting!

A Master Bypass pushbutton switch, along with Master CV input jack on front panel and a 7th channel on the SynQuaNon CV Bus will invert all 6 channel states; in other words, one can use it as a Master Bypass (with for example a foot switch, just like ordinary guitar pedals) or to switch between two different 6-channel bypass patterns. Add some modulation and stand back for some incredible effects!

The back of the module features SynQuaNon Audio Bus connectors for Bypass In, Bypass Thru, Bypass Out, as well as Effect In and Effect Out. These are DC coupled so CV signals may be processed as well. As mentioned above, a SynQuaNon CV Bus connector introduces CV inputs for Channels 1-6 and Master.

Having these standardized rear bus connections is fantastic: they eliminate 37 patch cables and allow for zero clutter on the front panel.

Ideal for guitar or bass single-string processing.

* High quality, high reliability miniature audio relays designed for high-volume use.
* Custom microprocessor control to eliminate switch bounce and control timing.
* CV triggers may be pulse, square wave or external foot switch with 0-5V output.
* SynQuaNon Bus audio input, audio output, effects input, and effects output headers on the back of the module.
* SynQuaNon Bus CV inputs (channels 1-6 and Master on the back of the module. Front panel jacks are normalized to rear bus connector.
* Pairs well with Hex Fuzz Amplifier, 7-Channel Amplifier, Hex VCF, and Hex VCA.

Technical Specifications
* Inputs & Outputs - DC-coupled, 10V p-p
* CV Inputs - DC-coupled, 0-5V

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