18 HP
32 mm deep
Current Draw
50 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$340 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Performable Stochastic Melody Generator

This module now available as SIG+, combined with its Expander into one single 22hp unit. SIG+ is identical in every way to a SIG & EXP pair and for the same sale price: firmware, form, functions, footprint and fee remain fixed!

The long waiting list is finally clear! SIG+ is now on immediate public sale at SI's website, here...

From 1/1/21 Stochastic and its Expander were no longer being manufactured or sold by omsonic. Instead, the newly formed Stochastic Instruments Ltd. Eurorack company took over to exclusively handle all manufacturing, sales and support for the module. See stochasticinstruments.com for details.

The long waiting list has now been cleared. If you had already registered interest with either omsonic or us we should already have contacted you. If this is not the case, please contact us immediately. Ongoing sales are now handled through SI's website.

SI Stochastics are not clones or copies of the omsonic 'original': they are the original. SI Stochastics are also not in competition with omsonic Stochastics: with the full agreement of omsonic, SI is the only company legally permitted to sell them.

The Stochastic Inspiration Generator is...
not a traditional sequencer - it doesn’t repeat itself (unless you tell it to!)
not a probability sequencer - you don’t program fixed steps for variation
not a random source - you can control what it will do (within limits)
not a chaotic source - identical initial conditions don’t produce identical output

It's a unique module that responds to your probabilistic musical direction but you don’t play ‘on’ it, you duet with it by starting with the fundamental musical atoms and controlling how likely different pitch, duration, octave and transition events will be using its controls.

Probability amount control over: Pitch, Octave, Duration, Portamento, Envelope and more...
Expandable to 4 fully independent tracks with the optional Stochastic Expander
Looping, forwards or backwards, of up to 18 steps
High accuracy and resolution (16 Bit DAC) 1 volt per octave CV output
Unique TrEG outputs which can ping analogue LPGs, digital modules or act as self-contained EGs direct to a VCF/VCA
12 High quality centre-dented LED note sliders
Massive functionality, tiny 18hp footprint, but still ergonomically playable as an instrument
Completed in the UK with quality parts
2 Year Warrantee (only available on new SIGs)

See what SIG users and said about and done with SIG

See what you could do with it, in the manual and Advanced Stochastic Cookbook


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