26 HP
24 mm deep
Current Draw
68 mA +12V
68 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$527 Price in €

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LE BINOME IS BACK! With Twice the Power!

LE BINOME has a single, unique goal: to push its owner's creativity into unconventional territories through straightforward functions. BINOME has many faces, but its main function is to create percussive sounds, either standalone by turning the filters into VCOs, using external VCOs, or adding any external sound and noise source like BOUCAN and shaping it with the filter.

It can also be used as a dual dynamic voltage-controlled AD or ASR envelope generator, which has special custom shapes that can be seamlessly changed from exponential to linear and logarithmic, in addition to voltage control over the amplitude (LEVEL) and its length (DECAY). There are also two modes: SHARP for a fast response and BLUNT for a nice punchy but smooth pseudo LPG touch. A real full-featured envelope generator, not just utility!

You now have two totally independent channels, each with its own filter and inputs, and a main input is connected to both filters. Dual mono? Stereo? Mono to stereo? Merger? With three inputs, you decide!

The filters are strange ones; let’s say that they act more as resonators than as classic filters. They will color and add the missing natural ringing to your drums when the resonance is lifted! You can choose between two modes: Highpass and Bandpass. As it can auto-oscillate, you can use them as a VCO or as a fundamental sound source to make bass drums, toms, or FM percussions.
Even though both channels are totally independent with their own inputs and controls, they can interact with the ZONE master, controlling the frequency of both filters at the same time, and dynamically by using the right-down switch to CHOKE or FADE channel A with channel B. They also have an additional common output that mixes both signals in parallel.

With the odd configuration that LE BINOME offers, you can achieve some really interesting spatial results, like turning any mono VCO into a full stereo synth voice, rotating its sounds by using modulation on DECAY and LEVEL of both channels. The same technique works with any audio signal. For example, in a stereo topology, LEVEL can also be seen as a panning function. Furthermore, in only one module, you can make effective combinations like a classic dual filter, a 2-channel kick-bass/kick-snare standalone powerhouse, and more. These are just examples; there are so many possibilities in a straightforward and versatile interface that encourages exploration and experimentation. You will always find something new to do!

Creativity has no limits. LE BINOME has a lot to offer in any kind of situation, not only when it’s about percussion!

Some example setups to get started:

  • Dual voltage-controlled envelope generator

  • Dual mono or stereo oscillator

  • Full stereo or dual mono synthesizer voice hub

  • Stereo rhythmic panner

  • Mono or dual drum/percussion generator

  • Dual multimode filter

  • Bass drum and bass generator combo, trap sht GANG GANNNGG!

  • Kick and snare combo, backpackers whhhaaaaa boom bap my G!

You name it!


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