6 HP
27 mm deep
Current Draw
45 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$153 Price in €

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6-channel clock and trigger sequencer

Gravity is a compact and flexible 6-channel clock and trigger sequencer module, designed to be both versatile and user-friendly.

  • 6 Multi-Mode Channels: Each channel can function as a steady clock, a randomly skipped clock, or a trigger sequencer.
  • Clock Mode: Divide the master clock down to /128 or multiply it up to x24, perfect for driving sequencers or clocked modulations. Can be offset within a 24ppqn grid to add some movement to your sequences.
  • Random Skip Mode: Adds rhythmic unpredictability to your patches.
  • Trigger Sequencer Mode: Program percussive parts with a 16-step xox-style sequencer or live-record sequences by tapping the button. Store patterns in 2 banks with 8 memory slots each.
  • 2 CV Inputs: Freely assignable CV inputs (bipolar 5v) for modulating subdivisions, random skip chance, switching sequencer patterns, or even modulating master BPM.
  • External Clock: Apart from internal clock, Gravity can be synced to other clock sources with 24ppqn or 1/16th note pulses, or MIDI clock (with MIDI expander).
  • Expansion and Connectivity: Header pins on the back of the module for daisy-chaining and connecting a MIDI expander.
  • Upgradeable Firmware: Future updates will add more features.


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