28 HP
50 mm deep
Current Draw
58 mA +12V
58 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$456 Price in €

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100% Handmade through hole Dual precision tuning VCO of discrete core capable of internal cross modulations and sync

1.Best tuning 6 octaves and maybe 7 to a few cents.
2.Two identical VCOs with the exception that VCO BETA (slave), internally syncs to ALPHA (master).The internal sync switch is selectable to on or off.
3.Both VCOs go from down to LFO range with the coarse tuning knob CCW, up to high frequency oscillation.
4.There is internally normaled FM, exponential as well as linear and both have independent exponential and linear, attenuators.
5.Also internally normaled is PWM, modulating each other with the triangle waveform.
6.An external patch cable breaks the normalisation of all internal connections.
7.The internal FM waveshape is independent, per VCO as well. Options are sine and saw, via the front panel switch.
8.There are 2 choices of sync available, via a switch that selects the capacitors that are present in the signal path. There is no classic hard sync option here but another interesting sync behaviour that can only be described when heard, as it locks up in interesting (in)harmonic ways that depend on the relationship of the frequencies of VCO ALPHA and BETA. This “radical” sync is the central switch that is on when is in down position, yields some unique timbres from the slave VCO.
9.There are external sync inputs for each VCO as well.
10.This is a ramp core VCO with a ramp output too, but Sine and Triangle waves are almost perfect!
11.The Square wave is possible to be modulated via PW pot and change the width for pulse sound while giving an external modulation from PWM input

Finally you can make something complex, with great ease and only the V/Oct patched in, just by playing with the attenuators and switches that are spread across the front panel, to dramatically extend the range of sounds.
This dual VCO module goes from classic ripping Psy FM lead (yes the one), to very convincing electric fender jazz bass, with ease, just dial in the exponential and linear cross modulation amounts.
Tempco resistors thermally attached to the tuning IC ca3046 transistor core on both VCOs give FM patches that maintain harmonic integrity over a very large frequency range.
Availability in Black panel


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