Power Consumption: 11580 mA +12V | 4634 mA -12V | 496 mA 5V | Depth: 95 mm | Price: $37,644 | Number of Modules: 223 | Data Sheet
Achtung This Rack contains modules with incomplete power consumption specs: DEP2b, dep2b 90deg, 317VCPreA, SeaGoUt, Klok2a, EZSQ prototype, Pure Sample & Hold, DC Mix, Safety Valve Custom Panel , Synthacon, Gotharman Analog Expander, POKIT, Turing Machine Volts expander, Moog 914 Fixed Filter Bank, Moog 904 Filter Trio, Barton VCA Mixer (Grayscale panel), Cwejman VCA-4MX (Grayscale panel), Cwejman MX-4S (Grayscale panel), Cwejman MMF-1 (Grayscale panel)