32 HP
Current Draw
150 mA +12V
50 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$565 Price in €

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4 lanes jammable sequencer

NEXUS SEQ is a playable sequencer that keeps you in the creative headspace. Based around a fundamental creation workflow starting with short ideas like riffs, adding variations or tweaks to create medium sized ideas or phrases, then further elaborating for even longer phrases or song sections. With this workflow, users spend far less time editing and more on getting musical results. The 1:1 interface is simple to use and understand. Because of its playability and immediacy, NEXUS SEQ lends itself to many happy accidents and recording these discoveries is easy.

NEXUS SEQ has two independent sequencers, ‘MN’ and ‘PQ’, each with 2 CV lanes for a total of 4 CV outputs. One sequencer can also be set to sequence the other making it easy to transpose song sections, add variations, or to create complex polyrhythmic patterns without the need for tedious editing.

NEXUS SEQ reuses floating voltage presets or knob sets (each dual concentric knob pair) that can be placed at any step in a sequence. This means the user only has to set one knob for any steps you want to sound the same, which is time consuming and wasteful with traditional knob-per-step sequencers. The reuse concept also opens up many performance tricks.

You are a being of human size. Big human finger sized keys are fast, quiet, and fun to use inviting jamming and live performance.

Each sequencer has individual glide time and glides can be enabled and stored per step. Sequencer lane P also has per-step octave up/down.

Sequences are created by recording in live or entering in steps step-by-step ‘offline.’ NEXUS SEQ will feel like an instrument more than a programmer and because it is focused on live recording, NEXUS SEQ can be used in a live setting without stopping the music.

Each sequencer lane’s output voltage can be set with ranges 0-2V, 0-5V, or 0-10V (unipolar positive), -1 to 1V, -2.5 to 2.5V, or -5 to 5V (bipolar), or -2 to 0V, -5 to 0V, or -10 to 0V (unipolar negative) which allows users to maximise knob tunability and ranging to any target destination.

NEXUS SEQ also makes an excellent gate and rhythm sequencer with the NSX Gate Expander which opens up provisions for jammable rests, gate length, note repeat, and VeloGates (gates with variable amplitude) as well as typical keyboard on/off style gate outputs.

  • Simple 1:1 interface is easy to use and understand. No menu diving, no encoders, no screens just knobs, switches, and buttons. To create sequences, jam buttons, turn knobs, set length, record
  • Two independent sequencers, each with 2 CV lane pairs for a total of 4 CV outputs. Each CV lane has dedicated polarity and range switches
  • Lanes ‘M’ and ‘P’ each have independent glide times and glides can be enabled on any step
  • Lane ‘P’ with per-step octave up and octave down
  • Record/overdub sequences live or enter them in offline step-by-step
  • 9 sequence slots to store and load sequences with ability to record a chain of sequences to playback automatically and quick copy-paste
  • Big buttons with high-end Cherry Silent Black switches to encourage live performance and reliable recording
  • Sequencers MN and PQ with their own RESET and CLOCK inputs
  • Sequence a sequencer method via P Sum mode switch allowing users to use the MN sequencer to sequence the P sequencer
  • Long life dual concentric conductive plastic pots increase feature density with no compromise in ergonomics
  • Edge-based clocking (you can send it any clock and it will respond immediately)
  • Ultra high performance and resolution - entirely analogue CV circuitry with precision trimmed octaves and negligibly low jitter (< 5us) and latency (< 50us).
  • NSX expansion available for unique gate length and rhythm sequencing using the same jam-record paradigm
  • Low loss, high speed active reverse voltage protection, overcurrent protection, ESD and overvoltage protection on all IO
  • Easy, no-fuss multi-platform USB firmware updates
  • Overkill ARM7 CPU capable of 600MHz, USB, SD card, I2C, etc. for future-proof software expansion


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