Play TrueGrid with your MIDI keyboard

How to enable MIDI support

You can play the TrueGrid synthesizer with your MIDI keyboard, just as you do with other softsynth plugins.

However, MIDI needs to be supported by the browser and at this time it will only work in Google Chrome.
Here is how you enable it:

  1. Your MIDI interface will be detected on browser startup so switch on your MIDI interface BEFORE you open your browser
  2. Open Google Chrome and enter in the address bar chrome://flags
  3. Do a cmd + f search for midi
  4. You should find an entry Enable Web MIDI API. Click Enable
    Enable Web MIDI API
  5. Restart your browser
  6. Open a TrueGrid Preset with a virtual Pittsburgh MIDI module attached
  7. On the bottom of the page there should be a select box where you can set up the MIDI port of your interface.
    MIDI Port Selection
  8. Hit some keys and turn the modulation wheel. Wiiiiouuuu...

If you hear no sound check this:

  • Be sure that your MIDI Interface is switched on and connected to your computer
  • Be sure that your keyboard is switched on and connected to your MIDI interface
  • Be sure to use the most current version of Google Chrome
  • Turn up the volume

MIDIfy your own synth

If you want to configure your own synth just drop the Pittsburgh Midi module to your custom rack.
For classic functionality you should connect the MIDI modules CV output to an oscillator 1V input and the gate output to an envelope gate input.
But since it's a modular synth you can patch as you please.