84 HP
Current Draw
125 mA +12V
7 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$895 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

digitally controlled analogue sequencers

red light district (rld) is an 84hp traditional cv/gate sequencer that can be synchronised at different ratios to midi clock. its main purpose is to create patterns that are in-time and length-related to midi clock. it can act as a midi master using its own internal clock as a reference, or an external clock input. when slaved to midi, the midi out's automatically switch to thru’s and the second midi out/thru can also to emit dinsync. the sync ratio can be changed so that each pattern of 16 or 32 steps can take either 1, 2 or 4 midi bars to complete. mode changes are quantised to the start of each pattern so synchronization is maintained with other sequencers.

on-board, two digitally controlled analogue sequencers work together to produce cv's and gates in pattern based form. the main difference compared to traditional analogue sequencers is the ability create time quantised spaces in between the gates, as well as the gates themselves. this effectively doubles the number of equivalent analogue steps it has, because each gate has it's own dedicated variable space after it. this allows a full adsr to be used for envelope control, because the gates resemble a more realistic keyboard signal (key on/off) rather than each gate occurring immediately one after the other (like in traditional analogue sequencers).

there are two cv's, three gates and six synchronized clock divider outs. there’s voltage control over direction, pattern, pause and reset on the timing sequencer (the 32 step sequencer), and voltage controlled slew on the pitch sequencer (the 12 step sequencer). both cv’s on the pitch sequencer have switchable s&h circuits and cv1 (normally used for pitch) has both course and fine tune knobs to allow up to 9 octave jumps between steps, while still retaining fine control well within a semitone.

special features include time quantised muting, clock dividers that synchronise to midi, internal clock, or external clock. and no menu's at all. all functions can be changed while the sequence is running, including note insertion that doesn't change the sequence length (because the pattern length is sync'd to 4/4 midi).

both on-board sequencers have comprehensive direction control, including a brownian random and voltage addressed stepping on the 12 step sequencer. both cv’s can also be used as a rudimentary attack/release generators; with global slew, peak-height and width, adjustable per step.


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