16 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V

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Multi-waverform Delay Distortion

This eurorack module is built around three delay lines and one distortion unit at the output.

First two delay lines constitute the ‘Diffuse block’, where both are connected in parallel and share blend and feedback controls, Each of them has independent time controls, for up to around 600 ms of delay time, and each can be modulated by its own multi waveform LFO, with depth amount.

the third delay line is placed after the Diffuse block output , has time, modulation, feedback and blend controls, and its filtering and voicing is darker than the diffuse block.

Finally, ay output we find the distortion block, controlled by distortion amount and blend control , so mix between dry and distorted signal can be mixed to taste.

Each delay line has its own multi-waveform LFO, with controls for rate and waveform selection, and LEDs show rate and shape.

Also there is a cv modulation input for altering delay time from external cv sources.

All delay lines can self oscillate by raising the feedback control, so the unit is capable of generating sound on its own besides processing external input.

Gain pot controls input drive, and can also saturate for more dirty sounds to be processed by the delays and distortion.

  • Three delay lines
    • Two parallel plus third in series
    • Three multi waveform LFOs
  • Distortion block as final stage
    • CV input for modulating each delay line externally
    • Up to 600 ms on each delay
    • Input gain for versatile input compatibility.


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