28 HP
Current Draw
120 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$600 Price in €

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Chaos Computer

8 Channel Random Voltage Source with Expansion Options

The Chaos Computer generates 8 simultaneous random stepped voltages.
There are 4 outputs from the X Random Generator and 4 outputs from the Y Random Generator.
The X and Y Random Generators receive their instructions from 16 PROBABILITY input switches on the control panel.
The rate and amount of change is fed back via a 64 LED Matrix Display.

The X and Y Random Generators have independent internal clocks, independent EXTERNAL clock inputs, with a SYNC / ASYNC option.
Each of the Random Generators 4 stepped voltage outputs are further subdivided by 2 UNIFORM and 2 GAUSSIAN stepping modes.

The Chaos Computer was designed to be the engine of an entire system of voltage generation and processiong via expansion modules.
Expansion module development is underway and releases are expected to begin by late 2013.


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