4 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
20 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$68 Price in €

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Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Quad 0.1% Active Precision Multiple

Quad 0.1% Active Multiple Precision CV Splitter Eurorack Module

Precision 4HP analog quad buffered signal splitter/mult module for 3U Eurorack systems. Offers 4x 1 to 3 exact buffered signal copies with 0.1% precision. Suitable for both audio and CV. Very low noise and distortion, prevents detuning when same pitch CV signal is sent to Oscillator(s) and Filter.

Please note: The module is available in two options - Classic: with 1kΩ source impedance compensation and without the compensation. 1kΩ resistor is "Vintage Standard" used in Moog Mother-32 as well as other classic synth and Eurorack module pitch CV outputs. Modern: many Doepfer and other recent MIDI to CV modules and sequences use 0kΩ impedance scheme to output pitch CV and do not need compensation, just accurate buffering. Please check the manual of your MIDI to CV converter to check the value of their output resistor (impedance) and let me know which version of the module should be sent.

If you are planning to use buffer outputs to control Moog and other synths that expect 1kΩ impedance choose outputs of 1kΩ otherwise choose 100Ω, in both cases it will provide 0.1% precision. This can be set up separately for each buffer.

Compact single PCB design. Upgraded version is designed to pass CV voltage to the next buffer if its input is not connected, allows daisy chaining 2x to 6 or 1x to 12 copies. New version also features elongated screw holes and better OpAmps rated with max 1.5mV offset.

Power consumption: +12V – 20mA, -12V – 20mA
Module width: 4HP
Module depth: 2.5 cm
Input impedance: 100kΩ
Expected source impedance: 0kΩ or 1kΩ (one of two options upon request)
Output impedance: 100Ω or 1kΩ 0.1% (one of two options upon request)
Noise level: -90dB
Testing: Fully tested before dispatch


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