4 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
20 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$76 Price in €

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4HP Quad Active Mult with two Gate to Trigger converters

Eurorack 4HP Quad Active Mult with two Gate to Trigger converters

Precision 4HP analog quad buffered signal mult module with Gate to Pulse converters on two of its outputs, designed for 3U Eurorack systems. Offers 4x 1 to 3 exact buffered signal copies with 0.1% precision. Very low noise and distortion, top two channels are optimized to handle analog pitch preventing detuning when same pitch CV signal is sent to Oscillator(s) and Filter. Third and 4th buffers are optimized for gates outputting two gate copies as well as 2ms pulse outputs triggered on rising gate edge. Due to diode physics pulse output has a voltage drop of around 0.9V.

These gate to pulse converters are designed to be paired with our 4HP Dual Analog AR Envelope Follower module generating both Attack/Release envelope for VCA and percussive Decay slope suitable for filter FM, oscillator pitch and other funky parameters.

Compact single PCB design. Upgraded version is designed to pass CV voltage to the next buffer if its input is not connected, allows daisy chaining 2x to 6 or 1x to 12 copies. New version also features elongated screw holes and better Burr-Brown audio OpAmps rated with max 0.5mV offset as well as extra parts to allow true 0-ohm impedance on its pitch buffers.

Power consumption: +12V – 20mA, -12V – 20mA
Module width: 4HP
Module depth: 2.5 cm
Input impedance: 100kΩ
Expected source impedance: 0kΩ or 1kΩ (one of two options upon request)
Output impedance: 0Ω or 1kΩ 0.1% (one of two options upon request)
Noise level: -90dB
Testing: Fully tested before dispatch


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