16 HP
33 mm deep
Current Draw
36 mA +12V
38 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$310 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

HM1979 - Quad effects pedal amplifier interface

Black Locust is a 4-channel guitar effects pedal adapter for your synthesizer. This module is a re-release of the old, hand-built “stilton adapter” module with a smaller panel size (16HP) and more expansion options.

Using a compact arrangement of TRS insert sockets (cables not included), Black Locust properly attenuates and amplifies signals to incorporate your guitar effects into the modular system. A return gain control and a wet/dry mix knob condition the effected signal for maximum utility in a modular context. Instruments such as electric guitars and basses can also be patched directly into the module.

Black Locust is the first of three modules in the FEEDBACK CONSOLE series. With no external input signals, the four pedals can operate in a closed feedback loop, self-generating audio signals that are impossible to directly control - only influence.


If a Black Locust's channel is to be used as a Send/Return, connect a guitar pedal with a 1/4" insert cable - on one end it must have two mono plugs (TS) and on the other a stereo plug (TRS). The tip (red) is connected to the pedal's output and the ring (white) is plugged the effect input.Now use the 3.5mm input and output sockets to use the pedal with the modular system; set the level with the Gain potentiometer and the effect amount with the dry/wet control.

If you just wanna amplify an electric guitar or bass guitar, to process it by the modular, connect the instrument with an unbalanced 1/4" cable.

Further modules like a matrix mixer and a programmable quad VCA/envelope follower/signal router, each designed to create a "feedback console" with the Black Locust which will render possible controllable feedback paths between the individual channels and effects.

This module is a gateway to this highly experimental patching technique. Further modules in the FEEDBACK CONSOLE series include a matrix mixer and programmable quad VCA/envelope follower/signal router, each designed to expand the Black Locust for deeper exploration of the feedback technique.

You will quickly discover sounds that you will never hear again.


FX Send style routing for Eurorack modular
TRS in and out with one channel
Gain staging for external instruments
Wet/Dry mix for each channel
Gain control for each channel
Provides 3.5mm inputs and outputs for units with only 1/4th" jacks


2021 update: measured with a test3, with 2 pedals and an instrument input, recorded values are peak draws

The power requirements are guesstimated and based on the Stilton Adapter's published current draw.


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