8 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
55 mA +12V
2 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$249 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Voltage Controlled FX Processor

  • 16 Multieffect programs
  • 3 parameters per effect program
  • 3 parameter CV-inputs / pots
  • 1 audio input with attenuator pot
  • 2 audio outputs L/R

The Flame "FX-6” module is a small low cost DSP-based (Spin semiconductors FV-1, 24bit ADC/DAC) multi effect module, designed for small mobile euro racks. 16 different multi effect programs are available. There are three knobs with additional CV inputs to change the effect parameters. Audio mono input and stereo output levels are adjusted for modular rack levels. The input can be attanuated and is protected against level peaks. The outputs are buffered by an op-amp. One red LED indicates clipping.

List of multi effect programs:

  • PITCH/ECHO (Pitchshifter-Echo)
  • TREMOLO (Reverb-Tremolo)
  • VIBRATO (Reverb-Envelope Vibrato)
  • FLANGER (Reverb-Flanger)
  • CHORUS (Reverb-Chorus)
  • PHASER (Reverb-Phaser)
  • ECHO-REPEAT (Stereo Ping Pong Delay)
  • AUTO-WAH (Reverb-Envelope Lowpass)
  • DISTORTION (Distortion-Lowpass-Stereo Panner)
  • BITCRUSHER (Reverb-Bitcrusher-Lowpass)
  • REV-FL-LP (Reverb-Flanger-Lowpass)
  • REV-HP-LP (Reverb-Highpass-Lowpass)
  • REV-PT-LP (Reverb-Pitchshifter-Lowpass)


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