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Touch-based Passive module for tangling and mangling your signal😵‍💫

Say Hello to the Jangler, a touch based eurorack module for tangling and mangling your signal – all while turning your entire body into a conductor of sound and electricity😵‍💫

So, how does it work? The Jangler is a passive module (no electricity needed) that uses the natural conductivity of the human body to connect signals. In other words, you become the patch cables! Experimental and expressive, the Jangler allows the intensity of your touch to perform how the signals are routed – even attenuating them based on your gestures. Quickly tap the touch panels to create rhythms, push your fingers harder on the panel to raise the volume, or even wet your fingers to give a different shape to your signal flow.

Right away, you’ll notice that the Jangler has 4 jacks on the front panel but no indication as to what’s an input or output. That’s because it doesn’t matter – anything can be an input or output. Want to use the Jangler to touch-mix 3 signals to 1 output? No problem. Want to use it to perform how 2 inputs route to 2 outputs? Sounds great! Just stick your fingers onto the gold plates and Jangle it up.

Ways We Jangle
+ A Gestural Touch VCA
+ A chaotic mixer (any number of inputs/outputs)
+ A touch based panner (stereo or more!)
+ A weird multi-aux send for effects
+ An X-Fader 3 Way
+ A disorderly clock distributor (great for weird drum rhythms!)
+ An expressive feedback chaos performance interface

Jangle Tips
The 4 big gold panels correspond to the jacks they’re touching. The smaller gold panels in the middle are randomly connected for a bit more chaos into your mixing!

Get more than one Jangler! Each system can act independently, but touch both at the same time and they connect through your body!

Warning, this is a weird little module! It’s passive, so there’s some bleed/signal loss – though how much can depend on the weather or how sweaty/greasy your hands are. Dry hands? Just lick your fingers or swipe in a little nose grease 🙂 This can add a ‘decay’ to your touch since the signal will still connect until the wetness has evaporated! Because your entire body becomes a conductor, it’s also possible to pick up other signals from the ether~ Also, depending on what you plug into it, you might feel the sonic electricity pulse through your body! All this is to say that this module isn’t for everybody – but if you’re the kind of person who likes to experiment with different forms of interactivity, like to add a bit more chaos and expressivity to your instrument, and just generally like to stick your finger in things, the Jangler is for you!

Use at your own risk!


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