10 HP
Current Draw
80 mA +12V
40 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$291 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Compact Stereo Line Mixer with Advanced Mute Control

The Mixer is designed for live performances and space optimization it features 6-channels with a fully analog audio path and 2 VCA´s per channel and finely tuned analog envelopes for vactrol-like muting control minimizing mute clicks.

For versatile mute automation, Supamix also features a unique twelve-modes mute swap function.

Input options:

Inputs 1/2 have manual pan controls for placing static sounds within the mix.
Inputs 3/4 have CV pan controls to moving sound sources in the stereo field
Inputs 5/6 are stereo, making it easy to mix modules with stereo outputs

6 voice mixer
unique mute swap functions like Randomizer, Binary conuter and more
linkeable to the O phone/lineout
Jumper on the back converts left output to TRS stereo.
An other header is here to link the supamix with the O phone/line module.

The Swap functions on the modules are both useful for transitioning between sound scenes or for creative applications.

12 modes of for controlling your mutes are available:

1A: Trigg Invert: Instantly flip mute states with a trigger.

1B: Gate Invert: momentary flip mute states with a gate.

2A: Turn Off: Momentarily silence all channels with a gate

2B: Wave On: Progressively unmute channels as a CV rises.

3A: Binary Counter:  trigger to increment  a 6-bit binary sequence, turning mutes on/off.

3B: CV to Binary: Transform a CV signal into a 6-bit binary pattern, precisely controlling the state of each mute based on the CV value.

4A: Trig Rotate: Shift mute positions with a trigger. each trig shift the mute position one step further.

4B: CV Rotate: Shift mute positions with CV control. at 0V the mute are in their original position, at 5v mute will be shifted 6 position forward.

5A: Trig Sequencer: Control a step sequencer who invert the mute state where the playhead is. each trig will move the playhead one step further

5B: CV Sequencer: Control a step sequencer who invert the mute state where the playhead is. at 0v, the playhead is on the first mute, at 5 V on the 6th

6A: Randomize: Shake things up with a trigger that scrambles all mute states.

6B: Random solo:each trig will turn off all the mute exept one selected randomly

you can check the manual here => https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XOl2Btz9q8U9O9xN8NIDP7STjAOWejjE/view?usp=sharing


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