8 HP
4 mm deep
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V

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Specs are approved by the manufacturer

A zener diode dreakdown noise generator with an arcade game button


The core of hadouken is a zener diode dreakdown noise generator with an arcade game button

S&H In S&H trig S&H out

S&H In 8, S&H Trig 9, and S&H Out 10 are a set of sampling and holding circuits. S&H In 8 inputs the signal that needs to be sampled, S&H Trig 9 inputs the Trig signal that samples the input of S&H In 8, and the sampling result is held until the next Trig signal triggers a new sampling, and the result is out from S&H Out 10. When S&H In 8 is not plugged in, the Trig signal of S&H Trig 9 samples the Noise Out of 2, resulting in a nearly random sampling result. The sampling-hold function can be triggered by pressing button 5 when the S&H Trig 9 is no inserted.

Noise Trig & Noise Out

Noise Trig 1 and Noise Out 2 are parts of the Noise generator, which continuously outputs a Noise without any input, which is the result of the sound amplified many times after the breakdown of the Zener diode. If a wire is inserted into the Noise Trig jack, the Zener diode will stop the breakdown state. At this time, give a signal, which can be Trig, square wave or any other signal, only if it is higher than 3.3v, it will again break through the Zener diode, constantly reciprocating, changing the output effect of the Noise Out.

Offset Out

Knob 3 changes the output voltage value of Offset Out 4, when the button is pressed 5.Offset Out 4 will output voltage according to the position of the knob, release the button, and the output is terminated.

Aux in & out

Aux In 6 and Aux Out 7 are a set of VCAs with untunable envelopes triggered by button 5. Aux In 6 can be an audio input or other signal input. Press button 5, Aux In 6 input will be output from Aux Out 7 after adding an envelope control. Noise Out 2's noise output is added to Aux In 6 when AuxIn 6 is not plugged in. This means that you can directly control the noise output in Aux Out 7 by pressing button 5.


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