16 HP
40 mm deep
Current Draw
52 mA +12V
47 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$328 Price in €

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Analog dual VCO

The Nervian VCO is a full analog dual voltage controlled oscillator.
It is a very straightforward module with a big sound, conceived to be easy to use for live conditions.

It was created to emulate the oscillators from "Elvis", D&D's old unique modular synth that was built by an unknown genius during the 70s, to get this powerful Harley Davidson sound, and unlike his old brother, this recreation tracks good on 8 octaves.

  • 5 octaves range switch.
  • Calibrated to get a 16,35Hz "C" with lowest range and 0V on control voltage (but can be trimmed higher if we want).
  • 3 waveforms : descending Saw, Square and Triangle. Switchable output between Square and Triangle on VCO n°2.
  • Synch input. VCO n°2 can be directly synchronized on VCO n°1 with a switch on the frontpanel.
  • CV1 from VC0 n°1 goes automatically into CV1 of VC0 n°2, unless you plug something into CV1 of VCO n°2. Same thing for CV2.
  • If the Coarse potentiometer is switched "off", it will not act anymore on the tune. Then if the Fine Tune potentiometer is at the "0" position, you will get a "C" with 0V in the CV input. It makes these VCOs very easy to tune for stage or live gigs conditions. Then the Fine Tune knob can sweep one semitone left and one semitone right.
  • If the Coarse potentiometer is switched "on", it will sweep from infra bass to ultrasonic frequencies. Then the Fine Tune knob will now sweep approximately 9 semitones.
  • The CV rail from the eurorack bus goes directly into the CV1 input of VCO1, unless you plug something else into this input. This option can be disabled on demand.

  • Handmade module, built with high-end, long lasting parts and switches.


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