40 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
276 mA +12V
156 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$250 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Semi-Modular East Coast Synthesizer

East coast style subtractive monophonic synthesizer

Controllable via MIDI, CV, and integrated button keyboard

Fully patchable - use East Beast’s components as separate modules with external devices or reroute its internal patching. It’s like having 9 individual modules (Oscillator, filter, envelope, VCA, LFO, multi-mod tool, sequencer, MIDI to CV converter, and button keyboard).

32 step sequencer with up to 13 presets

Generative sequencing mode

Clock-synced arpeggiator

Step sequencer can be manipulated & transposed via MIDI and the integrated button keyboard

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer developed 100% analog oscillator

Oscillator waveforms - sine, triangle, saw, square, and pitched noise - Waveforms can be combined

Oscillator includes pulse-width modulation (PWM) and frequency modulation (FM)

Variable state, multi-mode PGH “No-Dead-Spots” filter (lowpass, bandpass, highpass, modes can be combined)

Analog envelope generator

Integrated VCA

Dual-range analog LFO with triangle wave output

Digital multi-mod tool - modulation control via CV, random generator, and extra LFO and envelope generator

Internal clock with tap tempo and can be clocked via an external source.

Built-in clock divider

Can be used standalone in its included case or removed and used as a eurorack format module

Specifications for when used as a eurorack module

Width when used as a module = 40hp

Depth when used as a module = 25mm

213mA power draw when running +12V rail

151mA power draw when running -12V

Input voltage range of oscillator = 0-10V

Included in the box - 1x East Beast, 1x East Beast wall-wart power supply, 5x Amazing Nazca Noodles Patch Cables, 2x 3.5mm to 5 pin MIDI Din pigtails, and love (love’s presence likely, but not guaranteed)


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