8 HP
32 mm deep
Current Draw
34 mA +12V
31 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$175 Price in €

No info about availability.

Simple Saw Core VCO

Saw Core based vco


8HP wide
Depth: 1.5 inches
Current: TBA
Current Module color available: WHITE

Core type: Saw core
Sync type: Hard, square wave input optimized

Wave ouputs: Saw wave, variable Square wave, variable super ramp wave.

Controls: For the Core VCO---Tune Knob, Fine Knob, Bi polar FM CV, DC Mod Knob, Pulse Width Control, & PWM Control.
For the Super Saw---Shaper Knob, and LFO input attenuation.

What does this module do?

This is a Saw Core VCO for the person on a budget. It also makes a fine low cost option to add an animated super saw to your rig.

This module was influenced using articles found on Electronotes, by Burnie Hutchins. I used precision Reference voltages for the Tune, Fine, and Pulse Width control.


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