60 HP
20 mm deep
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$783 Price in €

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Pecking Order - A Modular performance controller

The concept behind Pecking Order is the brainchild of none other than Colin Benders (https://colinbenders.com/). The controller has been custom developed for a worldwide Premiere of the Electro Symphonic Orchestra at Het Concertgebouw during Holland Festival of 2019 - four units ran a total of 64 individual, modular voices over a total of 64 individual speakers.

Pecking Order by birdkids is a modular performance controller.
The controller has 16 individual CV outputs as main control outs.

Pecking Order's structure is hierarchical in nature towards the CV output jacks, as follows -

  1. Main Control section
  2. Group Control section (four groups in total)
  3. Individual Attenuverter (sixteen attenuverters)

Anatomy of a control section - Main & Groups


  • CV input


  • Unity Attenuator
  • Positive Offset (0V to 10V)
  • Negative Offset (-10V to 0V)

Additionaly each group has a polarity switch -

  • -10V to 10V (OFF = default)
  • 0V to 10V (ON)

Last in the hierarchy - are sixteen individual Attenuverter offsets (-5V to 5V)

Each controller has a normalized link in jack and a link out jack to chain multiple Pecking Order controllers together.
The signal being passed forward through the link in/out is the **Main* control section's Negative Offset (-10V to 0V) from the first controller in chain. Thus a "one-knob-to-rule-them-all" concept can be applied to a large setup.


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