8 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
40 mA +12V
18 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$165 Price in €

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Bit crushing glitchy ISD sampler

The LOFI Mixtape sampler is an alternative to the LOFI Tape sampler which features an entirely new ISD chip adding a host of improvements and new features over the original LOFI TAPE SAMPLER but with a very different vibe.
So what’s new?


By popular demand a new mixing circuit has been added! Listen to a mix of the audio input and the playback of the sampler from the output. Now it is possible to hear what you are sampling without the need for extra patching.
The audio through can also be muted by selecting the lower position on the toggle switch.

Sample Length

The sample length is over double the original allowing for 40 secs at 4KHz and 13 secs at 12KHz.
The increased sample length has the effect of increasing the range a sample can be played back at allowing for more extreme modulation possibilities.
Recording stability is greatly improved thanks to a new logic section at the heart of the module but recording will cut out at extreme pitches so while recording keep the pitch knob between 3 and 9 o'clock positions and attenuate extreme modulation.


REC, START / STOP and GATE inputs are all designed for use with gate signals .
Apply a gate signal (5V) to the REC input to record. The orange back light indicates the has entered record mode. The module will stay in REC mode for as long as the input is held high until the sample length is exceeded. You can also record by holding down the record button.
Try recording with the pitch knob in the center position to begin with and then experiment recording at lower and higher pitches. The sample rate of the recording will effect its quality and tone, it sounds alot like LP filtering at lower rates.

START / STOP input.

Sync sample playback with gates for precise playback lengths.
When using clocks the result is a sample will play every play at half time to your gate or clock signal creating glitchy bit crush effects.


A sample can be played back for the length a gate is held until the sample finishes for varying playback lengths. Using LFOs to modulate the pitch while gating the playback gives great results resembling 90 house sample stabs.


CV applied to the CV input will modulate the playback speed of the sample.
The audio input also normalized to CV input to allow for FM when recording and playing back.
When the CV attenuverter is fully CW or CCW positions BIT sampling is possible for glitchy 1 bit clicks and pops. Push the pitch to max and set the toggle switch to microloop to reach audio rates!

Tape saturation and clipping
Using standard modular audio signal levels of 10V P-P has the effect of soft clipping the recorded sample. Attenuating the audio input signal down will allow for cleaner more accurate sampling but there will be less tape saturation character.

Longer record time and wider range. 4kHz - 40s. 12K - 13s,
Improved recording stability - Records consistently over a wider range
Gate mode responds to as low as 20ms allowing for granular possibilities with CV modulation
Trig input reconfigured starts and stops with each gate/trig
New Mixing system - 1:1 FT when switch is in top (microloop) and middle (normal) position. The Lower position of the switch kills the FT mix.
Lower click noise compared with Original tape sampler - Recording at 9 o’clock gave best results
Micro looping - Now only loops first small section but this allows it be used as a low pitch Osc

Includes power cable and screws. Not compatible with TAPE SAMPLER V4 expanders.


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