12 HP
21 mm deep

Module is a 1U tile in Intellijel format

Current Draw
Module does not draw current
$70 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Small 3 ways switch router

Ⓜ️ Hop in, hop out, change line, cross the platform to get in a new carriage.

Subway 12 is a two-way, three-position switch, designated as red line 1 and green line 2. Each switch connects one of the bottom-row jacks with one of the top-row jacks.

Subway 12 is a passive module that can easily fit into a spare 1U slot in your Intellijel format case.

  • 2x manual 3 way switch
  • Bidirectionnal ins and outs
  • Intellijel 1u
  • Do not draw any current

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See 3U model


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