2 HP
30 mm deep
Current Draw
15 mA +12V
5 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$133 Price in €

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Invert Offset Utility – Control CV and Audio with Precision

IOU is designed for versatile signal processing, suitable for both CV and audio inputs. It features a single-channel attenuverter and a slider potentiometer, which provides up to +5V of precise offset control. A unique feature, resulting from a request by DivKid, is the ability to apply the offset either Pre or Post-attenuverter. When set to Pre-attenuverter, IOU allows for detailed, granular offsets across the entire slider range, offering fine-tuned control.

Additionally, the IOU includes a selectable gain setting, allowing a choice between 1x and 2x. This feature is useful for amplifying subtle inputs or extending the Offset control range up to +10V with the 2x setting.

Equipped with both standard and inverted outputs, the IOU efficiently generates the necessary CV for other modules to implement techniques like sidechain compressor effects. This capability greatly enhances the versatility of any Eurorack setup, allowing for more intricate and creative patching possibilities. IOU is an indispensable tool for signal scaling, inversion, and voltage offset.

  • Compact Design - 2HP Eurorack module, ideal for space-efficient setups

  • Single-Channel Attenuverter - Allows precise scaling and inversion of incoming signals

  • Slider Potentiometer - Provides up to +5V offset control for detailed signal modulation

  • Switchable Offset Functionality - Inspired by DivKid, with the option to apply offset Pre or Post-attenuverter for nuanced control

  • 1x and 2x Gain Switch - Offers flexibility in amplifying input signals, suitable for both subtle and more pronounced adjustments

  • Dual Outputs - Standard and inverted outputs for versatile patching and complex signal processing

  • Facilitates Creative Patching - Generates the necessary CV for enabling other modules to perform techniques like sidechain compressor effects, thereby enriching the dynamics in mixes


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