84 HP
95 mm deep
Current Draw
30 mA +12V
15 mA -12V
50 mA 5V
$614 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Eurokorn (White)

Eurorack version of AS Oberkorn with White Panel


48 analogue CV knobs, 16 Gate switches, 17 Blue LEDs.

3x analogue CV channels, 2x Gate channels
Analogue CV control of Speed / Tempo
Rugged steel construction
Unique 'binary' inputs (can be used as outputs too!)
more more more!

The Gate output is approx. 10V Positive trigger - designed to work with just about all monosynths that have a Gate input. No doubt there are some rare exceptions.

Note; that Korg MS and Yamaha CS series use an inverted gate input. It is possible to custom order a modified Oberkorn with one or both Gate outputs modified to have inverted 5V outputs. This has been tested on an MS20 only.

Eurorack Oberkorn is identical to the stand-alone non-euro version - except it does not have MIDI-Trigger. This is because the MIDI sockets are on the rear of the case. The Eurorack version is modules - it has no rear for MIDI sockets - and, there is no space on the front for any more sockets! It is full! Use our MT9 MIDI-Trigger module if you want a quick and easy way to sync to MIDI.

NOTE: Oberkorn required +5V in addition to -12V and +12V. On Doepfer cases, 5V is an option. Buy the option if you have a Doepfer case.


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