18 HP
45 mm deep
Current Draw
20 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$205 Price in €

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Replica of the two LFOs, Noise, and Sample & Hold circuits in the Roland SH-5

Provides the versatile modulation capabilities that this synthesizer is famous for, and form the left hand section of the main panel.

The AMSynths circuit is similar to the original and based around the same JFET's and UJT transistors, with 741 and 1458 IC's. LFO-1 is a basic affair with just a sawtooth and offset inverted sawtooth waveform. LFO-2 has a wider range of waveforms; triangle, square and sine (which can be delayed).
The Sample and Hold circuit is driven by its own internal clock (rate set by sample time) and it can sample either LFO-1 sawtooth, LFO-2 triangle or the Noise output. This approach enables the traditional random step waveforms as well as more predictable patterns.

There are LED indicators for the LFO rates;

  • LFO-1 red
  • LFO-2 red
  • S&H green

There are eight 3.5 mm jack sockets on the base of the front panel:

  • LFO-1 output
  • LFO-2 triangle
  • LFO-2 square
  • LFO-2 inverted square
  • LFO-2 sine with delay up to 4 seconds
  • White or Pink Noise
  • Trigger Output - LFO-2 or S&H Clock
  • Sample and Hold Output


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