20 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$160 Price in €

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This module is recreation of the Moog CP3 Console Panel without the oscillator routing, which is available on the AM996 module. The CP3 was part of the 1967 range of Moog Modular and appeared in all models I-III, console and portable.

This module provides a four channel mixer with a transistor circuit that overloads into some nice waveform clipping. It is usually used to mix the output of oscillators before passing the combined waveshape onto downstream filters.

The input sockets are conveniently placed at the top of the module to connect to the VCO outputs with the shortest cables. The output has a master gain control and normal and inverterted dual outputs.

There are also two trunk lines which provide connections to the rear of the case that the module is mounted into. These have been implemented with op amp buffers to enable the incoming and outgoing signal levels to be matched to external equipment, such as tape recorders or FX processors. Potentiometers control the levels, whilst a slide switch with LED indicator selects the input configuration.

Trunk Line Gain Structure The standard AM-CP3 module is shipped with the outgoing trunk line signal level set at a maximum gain of 0.5, this reduces the a typical Moog VCO audio signal down to +4dBu for use with professional audio equipment. The incoming signal trunk line signal is boosted by a maximum of 2.0, which takes a +4dBu signal up to typical Moog signal levels.

Custom gain structures are available to special order and at no extra cost. Select CUSTOM when purchasing the module and email the gain structure you wish. For example when using with consumer level signals (Roland SDE1000) you might want to reduce the gain by x10 on the outgoing signal , and boost the return signal x10.

Click Filter The AMP-CP3 replicates the Moog "Click Filter" using a slide switch to engage a 1uF polyester capacitor on the 4 channel mix input, which removes fast moving transients in CV signals (clicks) or acts as a high pass filter in audio signals.

The modules also has four interconnected jack sockets arranged as multiples.

The AM-CP3 module is designed to complement the Behringer System 55 Modular System, and enable customers to build an accurate Moog Modular system. The module has a 20HP black anodised aluminum, and comes with a set of M3 mounting screws and washers, two screened cables for the trunk lines, and a standard Doepfer power cable.

PLEASE NOTE: The two external jack sockets, for the trunk lines, need to be bought, fitted and connected to the AM-CP3 by the customer. A pair of screened cables with 2-pin Molex plugs are provided for this connection.


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