3 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
Module does not draw current
$45 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Eurorack Bridge

The second pair of modules from our Eurorack Bridge system!

Standalone use

The ADDAC213B always come in pairs so you can use them inside your system to send & receive 8 CV or audio signals between different points in your case. No need to be using long cables and make a spaghetti mess anymore. You can installed the module in a normal position or 180 degree position, so that it fits your needs.

The modules are sold in pairs of 2 modules and included is a connecting 50cm or 100cm ribbon cable (custom sizes also available upon request).

Expansion for ADDAC213A

An ADDAC213B can be connected to our ADDAC213A modules adding 8 extra channels to a bridge connection between two frames. You can have both your ADDAC213Bs connected to a single ADDAC213A, expanding its functionality to up to 24 channels.

Make sure that you also check the ADDAC213A!

Price is for pair


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