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Current Draw
? mA +15V
? mA -15V
? mA 5V
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Polivoks Filter

Born during the cold war era, behind the iron curtain of the USSR, the Polivoks synthesizer was an attempt to recreate the sound of successful western analog instruments. It has long attracted the interest of aficionados seeking its distinct sound. Designed by Vladimir Kuzmin and manufactured at the Formanta Radio Factory, the Polivoks’ filter in particular had a unique approach to signal processing. Containing only a pair of ICs, 6 resistors and no capacitors at all, the dual mode filter was very wild and unpredictable, unlike most of its mild-mannered contemporaries.

The acVOKS VCF is a recreation of this unusual circuit. Using the original ICs and a transistor sourced from the former Soviet Union, this filter delivers all the outlandish characteristics of the original. Operated from a panel featuring the unique graphics and Cyrillic script of the Polivoks, the acVOKS VCF is a compelling and forceful addition to your modular signal filtering.


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