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SERGE Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) mk2 & CV processor

The Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DSG) is probably the most versatile module of a Serge Modular system, incorporating a wide range of functions for both CV and audio. Some functions for which one Slope Generator can be used: VC Transient Envelope Generator, VC LFO, VC Portamento device, Envelope Follower (Detector), VC Pulse Delay (Monostable), Sub-Harmonic Series Generator (Divider), Audio Oscillator with variable waveform symmetry (saw to triangle), Non-Linear Audio Processor (low-fidelity VCF).

The new Random*Source version mk2 is manufactured in SMT and has some unique features that allow to use the DSG as a (tonal) Oscillator or filter/LPG:

  • 1V/Oct tracking up to 4 octaves or more
  • Increased audio range: up to > 10kHz
  • Amazing speed allows geometric waveforms
  • Separate voltage control over Rise and Fall rates.
  • Some temperature compensation


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