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randomsource divide and compare

Divide & Compare provides a number of mathematical and logical functions for all sorts of rhythmic effects. The module combines a Serge Divide by N Comparator with a Pulse Divider and Boolean Logic.

The Serge ÷N COM is a sought-after and essential Serge module (1" wide) covering a number of functions: comparator, voltage-controlled pulse divider, and voltage-controlled staircase generator.

As the name suggests, the Pulse Divider takes a pulse train in and provides multiple simultaneous divided outputs, including odd-numbered divisors like 5 or 7 - great for creating polyrythms. The module can be jumpered so that the top input of the Inverter in the Boolean Logic section (also) acts as a RESET input. Boolean Logic offers two inverters as well as OR, AND, and XOR (exclusive or) gates and is ideal combine triggers in various ways. Like the Pulse Divider, it can be used in the audio range, too. offering two inverters, and OR, AND, and XOR gates.

For those interested in history, the Pulse Divider is based on a core design by Ken Stone - many thanks to Ken! Pulse Divider and Boolean Logic have been part of many Serge Systems even though they are not not original Serge designs. Divide & Compare is a great companion for the Sequencer 8.

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